While studying fine art at Montclair State University, I would babysit for a family friend who worked in her basement by the light of a flame. It fascinated me, and in 2009 she took the time to teach me a skill that was typically passed down from mother to daughter in Slavic cultures. I knew immediately the batik-process of drawing on eggs would be something I'd dedicate my life's work to. Since then, I've had the privilege to teach all over the East Coast from New Hampshire to Delaware, passing on the therapeutic and meditative process to others. I have taught thousands of people, many of which were Ukrainian and Polish, and encouraged meaningful conversation around family history and this ancient art. All participants continue to leave my workshops with a deeper understanding of the culture, the art, and themselves. 

Initially my work was inspired by sacred geometry and mathematical principles, and in recent years I have had more of an interest in designs, line weight and subjects in the art nouveau style and have created an Erte series. In addition, I collaborate with current artists such as tattoo artist Adrienne Haberl and calligrapher Bernard Maisner. 

While pysanky is typically associated with the spring, my dyes are out and in use all year round.  I am very passionate about teaching the art when my spring season starts. I also teach art history and general art in the Tinton Falls school district, and life drawing classes at Brookdale Community College. If you would like to be on the flame tip studio mailing list, or would like to host a workshop, feel free to email me in the "contact" section of this website.